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I have to give credit to Steve Davidson at compound-magic.com for this concept.  Instead of buying the software though I created a spreadsheet to emulate this program.  And at 2:00 o’clock in the morning, having tested it and ensured that it works properly, I thought I would take it out for a drive.

But what to bet on?  I know these blokes always bet on Pommy Soccer games.  So I happily placed a bet on Tottenham to beat someone at $1.30 with Bet 365 and went to bed.  Next morning I booted up my computer to see how much money had dropped into my account while I slept.  Nothing! What!  Checking my bet history I find that the game isn’t played for another 2 days.  Bugger, proves how much I know about Pommy Soccer.  But this would be a ripper of an idea for anything that you know anything about.  Where there are only two contestants, and one of them is heavily favoured.  AFL, NRL, Tennis, Darts … etc.

But I was still really keen to take it for a drive, but I needed someone who could regularly pick horses to place.  I was thinking really hard … then it hit me … I do that! Bugger why not take it for a drive on my own selections.  If you watched the video, you will know that 3 wins and you have made a profit … after that it is cream.

Wednesday 21 January 2015
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Geelong with Race 3 #5 Royal Glance bet $50 the place. I enter $50 in the blue stake box and you can see that it automatically enters the levels 1,2,3,4 for me.



  • Featured imageRoyal Glance duly places (first) and paid $1.80 for the place, so I enter that amount under VR3.  You can see that again has completed the 4 levels for me.  Tells me my next bet is $90 and that at the moment if that loses I will lose $50.
    The next bet is Warwick Farm  Race 4 Midas.  Runs poorly and limps into 3rd paying $1.30
  • Featured imageThe $1.30 amount is entered under SR4.  I have hit Stop Point at Level 1, and put away $29.25, so if the next horse loses, my loss is showing at $20.75.  The formulas have also filled out my next bets, but as I can’t bet $87.75 (I don’t think I can) I will manually change the figure to $29 on each of the levels 2,3,4.  Our next bet was Geelong Race 5 #6 – Cuban Perfection, who got beat in a photo, but paid $1.80 for the place.
  • Featured imageHere I have manually adjusted the levels to $29, and you can see that Stop Point 2 has now been reached and I have put away a profit of $31.45.  The next two selections lost.
  • Outlay $50 – Return $81.45 on odds on place getters.  Not bad! … if the others had placed at say $1.60, what would have been the result?

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A profit of $248.57 … not bad for short priced selections.  Before you put this into practice how many times can you get 3 horses in a row to place.  If you don’t you lose your stake.  How many time can you get 4 or 5 in a row.  But where it could be used is in the events where there are only two competitors.  Class events, not U/20 matches in Central America (as I found out 🙂 ).
You can keep a number of these going for different events .. .AFL, Soccer, Basket Ball etc etc.

But as always DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE and only bet with money that you can afford to LOSE.

There are a plethora of events to choose form and I was wondering how I would find one to bet one.  Well Bet 365 even makes that easy for you.

The left hand side menu lists all the sports that you can bet on.  The very last item is “Odds On Coupon” click this and it will list in time order the next odds on events.  But TEST first.

If you want the spreadsheet email me at bob.wood71@hotmail.com

I think this could be fun in the footy season.