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We won today (unless you backed the Ratings .. oops, told you I was rusty).  Haven’t bet like that in over 10 years.  I am retired and was slowing down, that was all a bit hectic today.  A brief summary:

Selections on Punting sites –  0 Units
Late Mail (if you got it)         -1 Unit Loss
The Investor (via SMS)        +2.4 Units Profit.
Overall either 1.4 Profit (with Late Mail) or 2.4 Units Profit (without Late Mail) or broke even for purchasers of daily ratings who aren’t registered for SMS.  Whew!

Try to make it simpler for next Saturday (yes please!)

Selections – 0 Units

These are my Best Bets. We have 4 selections today, the first two won, paying $1.80 & $2.20.  The next two lost.  4 Units out, 4 Units In.

While I was out at dinner, I got a text about Ascot.  Nothing had been said before, because he wanted to see how the track was playing first.  Ascot R8 #1 Shalo, was suggested and available at $3.20 to $3.50.  I texted to those who have registered on the website.  I don’t think I got everyone (sorry).  It was a nail biter.  I thought we had it and then I thought we lost it, then we fought back, then I was leaning to the side trying to get our horse a better angle at the winning post.  I thought just maybe we had done enough, but when I saw the replay I knew we were going to lose by a lip.  Another 2nd.  Selections ended up as 1 Unit Loss if you acted on the SMS.  That is how it will be recorded.

The Investor +$24 Profit (2.4 Units)

After a shaky start to the year, he is starting to get his Mojo back.  If you bet them according to the suggested staking in the SMS, you made a profit of $24.  If we convert that to Units (of $10), that is plus 2.4 Units.

Ratings -2 Units Loss

I hope that everyone took my advice and only paper traded these today.  I didn’t, I thought if I am going to pick them I better put my money where my mouth is.   I am rusty on these and I would treat them with extreme caution at the moment.  I will do them for 6 months, and see whether it was worthwhile carrying on.  They were close in some races, but only picked up 1 winner.  Ratings are not the best horse in the race, they are the horses that represent the most value.  They are a long term thing, where over a period of time, they will end up in profit.  Treat them with caution until they prove themselves.  I will back them to prove that I have faith in the ratings, but I will choose only one of my accounts to back them with, for the moment.

The Multi – not really my go these things, and my advice was wrong .. sorry Mick.  Yes the ones selected for a win, also should be ticked for 2,3,& 4.  Those for 2nd, should also be 3 & 4.  So as Mick pointed out $25.50 got you about 3% of the First Four Dividend of $1,100, which is $33.  Not much of a return for that sort of investment.  As I said not really my go, and I think the odds are against you in these things, but if people want to have a shot at them, I will continue to post the numbers.