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A month of some highs and some deep lows.  The was a losing streak in there, that although statistically it is expected, it still hurts and it takes mental toughness to ride it through.  The graph on Punters.com.au will show that we had 48 Selections, for a 25% Strike Rate and -15% POT.  Of course they don’t account for our double (and triple) bets, that either won or lost.

My figures show that :
Selections -5.6 Units Loss
Value Bets +2.75 Units Profit (only some of these appeared in the selections)
The Investor +9.1 Units Profit (SMS only)

Total for January +6.25 Units Profit

We can see where our focus will be in February, those 3 areas.  Selections are on the Daily Selections Service.  Value Bets are mainly only SMS, and The Investor is only for the SMS.

SMS and email services are provided free to any who have a monthly subscription.  I have made a 1 month free trial available to new members.  After that month they will require a subscription to continue, receiving the SMS’s and emails.

I went Public on 16 November 2014, with a view to having a public record of my selections and their performance.  I didn’t seriously think this would evolve into this community, or so quickly.  The admin arrangements are now becoming implemented and will become smoother as we go on.

If you haven’t been keeping records, I would urge you to start on 1 Feb.  It has been fun in parts and bloody hard work in others.  But I am enjoying the ride.  Let’s have fun in February and let’s make some money.  Please remember if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bet it.