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Our first bet (3 Units) had the perfect run of the race, in the straight he left the rest of the field behind him and opened up a winning break.  An outsider came from nowhere to sneak up on the inside and just beat “The Best Horse in Tasmania“.

The winner was $51 fixed with the Corporates, but $35 on the TAB.  All the really big punters bet with the TAB, on special commissions.  Why the huge difference in price, and why did the money come for a complete outsider against “The Best Horse in Tasmania“.  I have had a lousy run in Tasmania so far this year, and it is probably my wallet talking, but I have had a gutful of short priced “certainties” getting pipped on the post by Outsiders in The Apple Isle.

<Rant Over>

Pity it wasn’t War Admiral we were betting on

Nothing For Tuesday