I currently use Skype to send the SMS Messages.  Skype supposedly shows whether a message has been delivered successfully or not. Yet I have had an SMS to me showing as being delivered, yet I never got my own message.  Since then others have started reporting non receipt of SMS’s.  Skype blame the other ISP’s, and can not take any corrective action.  So far I have sent over 500 SMS’s, and have been charged for that number.  Skype notes that failed SMS charges will be refunded, but only if the other ISP’s send them a fail message …. which they never seem to do.  Don’t you just love Admin 🙂

It may be that I have to find a new SMS Service … but it appears hard to find a reliable service …. in the meantime, the emails comes out shortly after the SMS.  If you could continue to advise of any non receipt of SMS’s