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Nice article on our Punters Club

Hot Bets backed by punters
Thu, 12 March 2015 07:17 PM

I don’t tip horses, I select horses to back – a key message coming from one of the successful punters at theGreatTipOff.com, Punters Friend. If you bought his tips and backed each one with $100 bets you would have made a tidy $2,130 profit over the past 3 months. Not bad going. But unlike many other tipsters on the web, Punters Friend proves that he backs each one his tips and invites racing fans to do the same by investing in his Daily Punters Clubs

.Punters Club

The Invested My Cash stamp appears every time a punter invests in his own Club. It’s the only guarantee for racing fans looking for smart information, that the punter is confident enough to put his own cash where his mouth is and back his own judgment.

Racing fans investing into Punters Friend‘s club last Saturday more than tripled their investment without having to make any additional payment for his tips up front. They simply invested their cash and received timely notifications each time a bet was placed by the smart punter and also when the bets resulted. The next morning investors had their winnings sitting in their on-line wallet.

The Saturday prior to last he delivered his investors 160% profit on turnover with a $100 investment returning $260. Apart returning profits to his investors on consecutive weekends, the qualified professional tipster was able to give them a profit guarantee where, unlike buying tips, a small commission was paid to him only after he made a profit for his investors from his bets.