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Welcome to our new subscibers and to another “Week In Review”.

Monday saw us at Armidale. Flight In Space ($3 @ Bet 365) was not good enough on the day and finished 4th. Another Charger won, leading from barrier to post, and paying $2.40 TT+. Profit 0.4 Units.

Tuesday we had Minute Silence and Alpine Dragon at Taree and Kaptaine at Tatura. They all led and all had their chances, but were not good enough on the day. Minute Silence was over run in the straight, and finished well back. Alpine Dragon and Kaptaine were both overtaken in the straight and finished 2nd. Kaptaine was suggested as 0.5 Win / 1 Unit Place, so this, in effect was winning bet. Loss for the day 1.7 Units.

Wednesday – No Selections

Thursday – No Selections

Friday – Mackay Race 5 we had 2.5 Units on Deception who had a good lead but faded in the straight to finish 4th. King Dejour won easily for us in Darwin at $2.20. Back to Mackay for an E/W bet Corvidae who faded very badly in the run home. A late selection was given out for Moonee Valley to subscribers only. Chill Party got home at $8.80 for us, to give us a profit of 7.9 Units on the day.

Saturday Victorian racing moved to the Bendigo Goldfields, where we had Bella Capri for 1 Unit who finished 2nd. We backed Vancouver for 2 Units in The Golden Slipper, for a $2.80 win. The last race at Rosehill saw us back Bagman 0.5 Units to Win and 2 Units the place, and we got a 3rd place for $2. We tried a series of half unit bets, that produced a 0.9 Unit Loss. Profit for Saturday was 3.2 Units.

Sunday we had a 1 Unit bet on Prettylittlefellow at Dubbo to finish our week off, and despite his great past record he finished unplaced. Trainer, in an interview, BFEORE the race that he thought the horse needed a spell.  Well why did you race him?

With a few ups and downs it ended up a pretty good week, realising us a profit of 8.40 Units for the week.

By now you would be seeing why you need patience and discipline. We get periods where we seem to be treading water, then we seem to make all the wrong calls, then we suddenly have a winning streak. Then we are back to treading water again.

I was asked awhile back if we should increase the stakes as the bank increased. Normally I don’t do this. But as I am working with such a small bank, I am eager to get this bank up to the $2,000 challenge mark.

The Challenge Bank currently stands at $1,259. Units will now be recorded as $12 (for 1% punters). Of course, if you are betting in 2% Units your Unit will now be $24. If you increase your own Units, then these remain at this level and the next increase. Once the Unit is increased, it isn’t decreased again.
The $1,000 Challenge
Week 1 – Loss 10.56 Units
Week 2 – Profit 0.5 Units
Week 3 – Profit 12.2 Units
Week 4 – Profit 16.98 Units
Week 5 – Loss 2.05 Units
Week 6 – Profit 8.40 Units

These are 1 day clubs, where all the bank is bet and any returns are deposited into your On Line Wallet the next morning, to re-invest, or withdraw. The Punters Clubs are administered and managed by GTO.

Punters Clubs will now be run on Saturdays and Public Holidays and any day, where I have enough quality selections to justify a club. The Saturday Clubs have been outstanding, and I intend to focus on those in future.

16 March ROI 129%
17 March ROI 39%
18 March ROI 0%
19 March ROI No Club
20 March ROI 80%
21 March ROI 175%
22 March ROI No Club

Links to all of the above can be found on our website