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Sons Of John gave us a good run, finishing second to give us a return of +0.70 Units. Not huge, but moving in the right direction.

The Punters Club had an ROI of 154%

The heavy rain overnight played havoc with selections and there was no Lay Club today.

I am reasonably sure that there will be a 1 Unit Win selection tomorrow. Again it will probably not be confirmed until around 12 noon AEST. A Club will run for those unable to invest themselves. Be careful in joining the Clubs there are two different clubs. Their names identify their purpose.

On Saturdays, I often get some very late information, that I am not always able to pass on to members. This has been frustrating me. A Punter’s Club will be run every Saturday and Major Australian Public Holiday. If you want to invest in these extra selections, join these Clubs.

If any club is not used on the day, then your investment it is returned to you the next morning.