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That felt a lot better today. The Lay Club had a ROI of 185%, with Vinhmeister doing the right thing by us and running second.

Then I got some info, to advise that Death and Taxes were not the only certainties in life. But that a tidal wave of money was coming. And so it turned out at Grafton, the third certainty in life “Profiler” duly won, but was backed into a ridiculous $1.40. I secured $1.80. But there was plenty of $1.75 around, if you missed the $1.80. It has been recorded as $1.75. The Betting Punters Club had an ROI of 163%.

The Challenge Bank recorded a profit for the day of 1.50 Units.

I am heading off for Easter to have a bit of a break. But the Saturday selections will be out before I leave. Late selections will be invested in the Punter’s Club for the Day. There is no Lay Club on Saturday.

Have a safe Easter