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Ouch!!! That hurt.  O’Raghailligh “lost by an inch” in Warwick Farm Race 6, in a photo to finish 4th.  An inch or a mile, it still cost us 1 Unit.  Angie’s Act got back as expected, but failed to storm home.  Made up ground in the straight but only managed to finish midfield. Loss 2.5 Units.   Handsome Tycoon could still get us home though in the 7th at Warwick Farm.  Was perfectly placed on the rail with the sit.  The favourite was last.  But the favourite rattled home down the middle of the track to win, while ours finished 3rd. Loss of 1 Unit.  Total Loss for the day 4.50 Units.

The Lay Club won, but we failed to get any sort of price and the ROI was 118%.  At least it was a win.

Tomorrows selections between 11 & 12 AEST