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The Orange meeting was abandoned because of the weather. The Lay Club went to Werribee, where we laid a favourite who had reached the end of her prep and was looking for a rest. That is how she raced and finished near last. She never threatened, and gave us a ROI 128%. That is 5 straight this week. From Monday, they will form part of our Selection Package Results.

There was some late mail Cranbourne R4 #9 She Brings Hope 2 Units Win @$4.60. I only had time to SMS the selection. I am slowly making the whole process mobile, and hopefully will be able to send email advice as well.

Well that was tense. Firstly one is vetted and scratched, then our selection burst through the front gates and trotted down the track Then they had to remove the tongue tie from #12. Finally after 4 minutes past start time we start the race. She was well placed in the run, but had weakened in the straight. I would have been happier if she had been scratched after bursting through the gate. She would have used up a lot of nervous energy.