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That was a tough week.  We could only pick up odds on winners.  Until Sunday, when got two reasonable price winners.  It would have been handy if the favourite had not been scratched at the gate at the Sunshine Coast. Our prices was around the $6 mark, but after deductions it was halved.  The Loss for the week was 3.925 Units.

Monday 20 April, we couldn’t find any bets.  We laid Azzalin on a Heavy 9 at Muswellbrook.  Unfortunately he carried the heavy weight through the muck to win and lose us 2 Units.

Tuesday 21 April we laid Forever Jensen at Mornington, who unfortunately decided to win and loss us another 2 Units. While in Race 8 we backed Rebel Rover who finished unplaced to loss a further 0.75 Units.

Wednesday 22 April saw Canterbury postponed after huge storms.  We backed Jumbo Prince in Doomben (2nd) and Kraftwerk who won at $1.90 for our 2 Units bet.  If you took the fixed prices, you would have got $2 +.  Profit 0.80 Units for the day

On Thursday 23 April we laid Power Ranger (2 Units), who finished 3rd and returned us 0.70 Units profit. At the postponed Canterbury meeting we backed Sweet Redemption (1st @ $1.90) and Prince Mayted (3rd).  The day ended at 0.60 Units Profit.

Friday 24 April there was one selection in Cranbourne Race 7 (Smart Dart – Unpl). A late selection (Auntry Mo – 2nd) was sent through.   Loss 2.50 Units.  We laid Play My Hand at Grafton, who obligingly finished 3rd to give us a 125% ROI.

And so to Anzac Day.  I thought that we had 4 good selections and would make some good money. In Race 1 at Flemington,  Shakesperean Lass was unplaced.  Oops.  That looked like it might be the start of a bad day. In Race 3 at Flemington Marli Magic was also unplaced. Randwick Race 5, Marwood was unplaced. In the Get Out Stakes at Flemington, I thought that we had pulled a rabbit out of the hat, when Boomwaa had the race under control, until a $21 pop jumped out of the ground and stole the photo of us.  4 bets and the closest we got was a losing photo.  Loss of 3.75 Units.

Sunday 26 April I was surprised at how many bets came up and at how high the confidence ratings were.  The increased bets looked like I was trying to recover the Saturday losses.  But not at all.  Each horse is bet according to their own ability and percentage chance of wining. The Sunshine Coast didn’t start well for us, with Hesitation (1.50 Units) never threatening and finishing unplaced.  The next at the Sunshine Coast saw us with 1.75 Units on Trustee, who had blown out to $6, with support for the favourite.  The favourite was scratched at the barrier, causing our price to halve.  Trustee won easily, but we only got $3.10 for the win. In the lead up races to the Pakenham Cup, we had Calusa in race 3 for 2.5 Units and picked up another nice winner at $3.10.  Pakenham Race6 #6 Lord Da Vinci 1.25 Units, finished 3rd; and the one selection at Tamworth Collar (1 Unit) finished 4th.  To give us a profit for Sunday of 4.92 Units.

The Punters Club on Saturday bet on our 4 Selections, plus one extra. All lost.

The Lay Clubs during the week were hard to run, with the favourite changing on Thursday and I was unable to Lay the selection with the nominated Corporate.  No Lay Selection on Friday, and of course Monday & Tuesday bets losing.

This certainly seems to be a tough month, but the winners are starting to come back, but we need better prices.