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This can be a funny game at times.  It felt like we had struggled all through April 2015, but in reality we were only down 3 Units.  Then finally we had some luck go our way.  This is why you have to stay disciplined and stick to a staking plan.  It will change … you just have to be alive, when luck swings our way.

Rockhampton Race 1 #3 From The Darkness – 1 Unit Win

Well drawn, in good form and has won at track and distance. But two starts on worse than Good, for 2 failures.  Bugger, put that one down as a mistake.  Three starts on worse than good for 3 failures.  Looked good in the run and on a good track, would have killed them.  Didn’t handle the wet when the pressure was on.

Wagga R4 #5 Yves Klein Blue – 1 Unit Win

The money came for SHADOW AFFAIR.  Once the money started coming, all the Punters followed the money and it started at a silly price.  Luckily for us that pushed our price out. The caller tried to make it sound close, but Yves Klein Blue had the race pretty well under control. Won at $3.40 TT+

Race Video

Ballarat R6 #3 Coup De Vent – 1.5 Unit Win
One of those races where everything goes right.  Jumps well, gets a box seat and then too strong in the straight.  A race where I felt comfortable for the entire race.  Won at $4.00 TT+

Ballarat R8 #5 Murt the Flirt – 1.5 Unit Win

After an excellent day, we finished off with Race 8 at Ballarat.  Murt looked like he would win easily and run over the top of them.  It was closer than I thought it would be.  Won at $4.40 TT+

Race Video

Invested : 5 Units
Returned : 16 Units
Profit : 11 Units
No Lay Club today – sorry to the Lay Investors.
Results for April 2015
Invested : 95 Units
Returned : 103 Units
Profit : 8 Units