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Well that quickly took the shine off yesterday.  First thing I am going to do is drop the Lay Bets.  The first two that I counted in April lost, so we were immediately down 4 units.  Then although we won a stack of Lay Bets after that, we had only just recovered around 2 Units.  Then the Lay Bet lost today, so we are back to 4 Units down.  If we are getting Lay Bets at $1.20, we have to win all 5 in the week to win 1 Unit.  And we are risking 10 Units.  The value is just not there, and now I know why I have never been a big layer.  My apologies to the Punters Club members.  There was a glitch in the GTO system and by the time it was cleared, the race was over.  I put the bets on our selection in the next at Wagga.  Got bottled up and was a bit flat footed in the straight.  A horrible way to start the month, down 3 Units.  Armageddon has been forecast to hit South East Queensland and North East NSW this afternoon.  I don’t know what the tracks up the way are going to be like tomorrow, nor how much of this weather is going to make it to Sydney.

There will be a Punters Club for Saturday, which is already open.

Next week I will run Punters Clubs each day.  They will be bet on the best selections I have for the day.  I generally have around 38% to 39% Strike Rate (have been down a bit this year).  Investors you will need to structure your investments in line with 6/7 out of every 10 bets will be losers.  But the odds we get for the winning bets should cover our losses and make a profit.  In other words we will not win every day.