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After a quiet start to the week, we jumped in with 4 selections today.

Warrnambool R2 #13 – 2 Units Win – Balmain Lass

She was in the group that was going to provide the winner, but weakened badly in the straight.  Will check Stewards Reports.

Rockhampton R4 #7 My Bling – 1 Unit Win

That’s Pops set up a huge breakaway lead.  With the lightweight, that is where I expected My Bling to be.  The only one to challenge was the eventual winner Smart Patrol

Warrnambool R8 #2 – 1 Unit Win @ $5.50

Tooleybuc Kid had a god run and came home strong.  But the winner Tall Ship was just too good, and went away to win by 4 lengths.  Really loved the wet.

Gosford R8 #8 Ravenwich – 1 Unit Win

Another one of Gai’s.  If ever a race was set up for a horse, this was it.  Unfortunately with a lot of Gai’s it didn’t quite measure up and finished 2nd.

I hate losing money, but when it is just me, that’s OK because I can shrug it off, and move on as I know from experience that it will turn around.  What I really hate is losing other people’s money.  I feel responsible for the losses.  I guess that is why I have never gone Public before, and I don’t like giving out tips.  A mate of a mine (and a good punter) was asked for a tip, years ago, from a young lass in the typing pool.  He gave her an 8/1 winner.  She came in on Monday and thanked him profusely, as she couldn’t pay rent, buy food, pay electricity bill or register her car.  So she put everything she had on his tip.  He went bloody purple and told her never to come near him again.  He knew, as I do, that 60% of our bets will lose.  We will not win every day.  I know that I will come good again, but it is hard for other people losing their money, on my selections.