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This week we outlaid 18.25 Units and returned 21 Units at TT+, for a profit of 2.75 units, which represents a 115% Return On Investment (ROI) or a 15% Profit On Turnover (POT).

We backed 13 selections for 4 winners and 8 places.  Strike Rates (SR) of 32% and 64% respectively.

The Star of the week was obviously Magicool winning the Derby for us.  This has been recorded as a $14 win and $3.80 place which is Top Tote Plus (TT+) prices, which are available to all.  Magicool paid $17 on Best of the Best (BoB) and Top Fluctuation (TF).  There were plenty of high odds on Betfair too.  Too maximize your winnings, it pays to shop around, but if you can get an account where the Corporate pays BoB, it saves you shopping around.  You can put your bets on in the morning at BoB, and check your balance after the races have finished.

Punters Club

Units in the Punters Club are different to Units in the Selections.  A Unit in the Punters Club is the total Punting Bank for any 1 day.  If there is $20, that is 1 Unit, if there is $200 that is 1 Unit.  The Clubs run Monday to Saturday (5 days) and therefore there are always 5 Units bet.  The Clubs are different to selections.  I may bet different percentages, different horses, each way rather than straight out, etc.  The aim of the Punters Club is to return a daily profit, but if that is not achievable at least a weekly profit.

This week the Punters Club outlaid 5 Units and returned 6.85 Units, a ROI of 137%.  If you had deposited $100 each day for the 5 days, we would have returned you $685 (less fees).  The week before the Punters Club outlaid 5 Units and returned 9.63 Units, a ROI of 193%.  Again if you had invested $100 each day for the 5 days, you would have had $963 (less fees) returned to you.  The fees are 10% of any winnings, plus GTO’s Commissions.  I only get paid if I win for you.  If the club loses on any day, I don’t get paid.  I invest my money in these clubs too.  So I am as keen as the other investors to win.

The selections for the Punters Clubs are often different too.  These are horses that have a good chance of giving us a return, but have a couple of little niggly queries over them.  I will always bet the selections, plus sometimes throw in a couple of extra.  Earlier in the week, we got a $9.50 winner up for the Club, when the two selections lost.  But on Saturday there was only 1 odds on winner from the extra selections.  The Selections are picked to give a good rate of return over the longer period.

I stopped punting through some personal issues that I faced.  When I started punting seriously again, it all came too easy, it was just like the old days.  Back and collect, back and collect.  But then things that had been working for me for years, started producing poor results.  It was time to take a look at my approach, and it has taken me awhile to get back into that hard mind set that is needed for gambling.  The month of May shocked me, and if I continued down that path I was destined for ruin, personally and financially.  From June 1,  I started afresh with a tougher mindset, and I remain confident that June will end as a winning month, as will all the following months.  But for you to be with us at the end of the year, you need to have a serious look at your own gambling.

This is a gamble, there are no guarantees.  Previous results do not guarantee future results.  This is a game where if following 1 winning punter, then following 5 winning punters must be 5 times better.  No it isn’t.  You will confuse yourself, and you will dilate one Punters winning runs with another punters losing runs.  In the end you will be totally confused and disillusioned.  I keep referring to Steve’s Blog as an example of an everyday bloke, who decided to try to make a living out of buying tips and backing them as recommended.  Most turned out to be garbage, but he found a few diamonds.  But what he also found is that winners come in clumps.  As do losers.  A clump of losers doesn’t mean the selections are no good.  And a clump of winners doesn’t mean the bloke (or girl) is a genius.  This is a business, and you must remove a lot of the emotion from it.  Gambling with money that you can not afford to lose, clouds your judgement and makes you make unwise decisions.

If you can not remove  emotional decisions from your gambling, consider giving it away or investing in the Punters Club.  But if you can religiously invest 1% (or 2%) of your bank on the selections as advised, then I think you can have some fun and make some money.  Anything higher than those amounts, puts too much mental strain on you.  To win more, you need a larger bank, and you can start a weekly or fortnightly saving plan to invest a small amount into your punting account.  But this must be money that you do not need for general day to day living expenses.

Long rant today … cheers until Monday, when we will do it all again LOL!!!!!!