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Still feeling the effects of the food poisoning, but am getting there.  In the week 7 – 13 June, 2015, we bet on 9 selections and got 3 winners. A Strike Rate of 33.33%.  We invested 12.75 Units and returned 18.35 Units, for a profit of 5.60 Units which represents a POT of 43.92% (ROI 143.92%).

The Punters Club only bet on 3 days. The first 2 clubs were a complete wipe out.  Saturday on the other hand was a 208% ROI.  It looked like a couple of investors may have increased their stakes in the Saturday Club.  If so, I hope those enjoyed a profit (I didn’t, mine remained at level stakes LOL!!).  We ended the week on 90.44% ROI.

The Star Of The Week for us was, Lady No More winning @ $8.50 at the Sunshine Coast