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This week we invested 22.25 Units, for a return of 35.98 Units and a Profit of 13.73 Units.

There were 12 selections backed, for 5 winners (Strike Rate 42%) and 8 Placegetters (S/R 67%).

The Star of The Week would have to be Little White, who is trained by an Irish Lass who came to Australia as a jockey to get a chance.  She is now a fine trainer.  The girls did all right by us again with Clare Lindop, piloting Casino Wizard to a win at Morphettville on Saturday for us.

Punters Clubs

A bad start to the week with two complete wipe outs.  Friday and Saturday’s clubs both returned profits, but not enough to cover the early losses.  We had 4 Punters Clubs during the week, outlaying 4 Units and returning 2.92 Units.  The Return On Investment was 73% this week (i.e. just under 3/4’s of our money was returned to us).

Overall Performance

I remain confident that we have turned the corner and that the wild up and down swings, will start to even out now.  There will still be losing runs.  Things happen that are outside our control.  Fo’shizzle at Northam was a major disappointment to me.  After the race he had an elevated heart rate and a slow recovery.  The horse was sick.  Fighting a bout of man flu myself at the moment, I know how he felt, I wouldn’t like to be racing either.  Hard Romp on Saturday came down the outside of the Flemington track, which had been aerated and was hopeless to gallop on.  Capitanear missed the start at Ipswich, and wasn’t comfortable at the back of the field.  He fought the rider for the whole race.  Basically he threw a tantrum, because he wasn’t at the front of the pack.

This is not an exacting science, and these are not machines.  They get sick, they throw tantrums, jockeys make tactical errors.  But the fact that Fo’shizzle was sick at Northam has no bearing on how Claire Lindop will ride Casino Wizard in Morphettville.  And yet in our minds the two events become related.  That was a bad pick at Northam, how can I trust the Morphettville selection?  That is why you must have a bank, and you must bet to a plan.  Betting whatever feels right at the time.  You just won big at Ipswich, and you are felling good, so let’s drop a couple of hundred on the next selection.  There is no relationship between the two events.  Part of the problem is to select the horse, the other part is to stake it according to it’s perceived chances of winning.

There was a comment on the Facebook pages, that if you throw enough darts you will eventually hit the bulls eye.  If I put my selections out in Public, then it is fair cop that people can have a comment on my performance.  This week did not seem too good as the graph dropped, but we came back.  As Kenny Rogers sings, “don’t count your money, while sitting at the table”.  If you are counting your money while gambling, you will start to make irrational decisions, as you try to stop the losing run and protect your bank roll.  You will miss the winning run.  Have a plan and stick to it.

Apart from having the Man Flu at the moment, I am enjoying the ride, hope you are too!