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This week we outlaid 12.25 Units and returned 8.70 to record a loss of 3.55 Units for the week.

We backed 9 horses for only 1 winner this week, although Northern Saint was backed for a place and obliged by finishing 3rd.  Saturday saw some below par performances from the selections.

The Stewards reports are below:

Copernicus – prior to correct weight ride Dale Smith viewed the Stewards film of the start to ascertain whether he had been denied a fair start before being satisfied the gelding had been afforded all opportunity to begin. Fractious prior to the gates being released, then began awkwardly and lost ground. Rider Dale Smith explained that after the incident at the start his mount lost all chance, given its a noted leader. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a slower than normal recovery rate and a swab sample was taken for analysis. (Missed the start and it’s race was over)

Chiavari – fractious in the barriers and was then unbalanced at the start when bumped on the hindquarters. Rider Damien Oliver stated the filly pulled too hard. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. (Punters Club bet – the caller thought they were backing her out to vet her, and was very surprised when the race started.  She was lashing out in the barriers)

Radical – rider Damien Oliver was of the view the gelding may have jarred up and also may have come to the end of its preparation. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities and a swab sample was taken for analysis. (This was a major disappointment.  The run was well below expectations)

The two selections for Sunday were heavily backed, and the prices came tumbling in.  Taillevent won well for us, but despite 4.5 + being on offer early, I will record it as a $3.10 TT+ winner.  Bridget Grylls settled Kudero last.  With Kudero’s speed I was still hopeful.  I didn’t see the race, but from members who viewed the race, they were critical of her ride.  Kudero was backed for 15’s into 4’s.  That takes a substantial amount of money, especially when Primal Flight and Apple Thief were widely tipped to fight out the finish, and had been heavily backed.  Perhaps it was Bear Grylls and not Bridget riding today.  Whatever happened it was unexpected by a lot of people and a lot of money.

There were two Punters Clubs this week, both showing small losses.  There 2 Units outlaid and 1.57 Units returned for a loss of 0.43 Units.

Star of The Week

Would have to be Northern Saint, for saving us on what turned out to be a very difficult Saturday for lots of Tipsters and Punters.


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