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Another quiet winter week.  Just the 6 selections, with the only return being Jacksay, who missed the start and still ran second at Flemington.  This was a 2 Unit Place bet that will be recorded at $1.90 return.  Earlier in the morning fixed prices for the place were available at $3 and $2.60.  Those disappeared pretty quickly, but I got some $2.20’s and $2.40’s, and I hope you guys did as well.  Plus if you took advantage of some of the Bookies Offers, your win bet on Jacksay would have been refunded, by Bookies who were offering refunds for any race at Flemington where your selection runs 2nd or 3rd.

11.50 Units were outlaid for the week with 3.80 Units returned, for a loss of 7.70 Units.

Punters Clubs picked up some additional returns, but without the main selections delivering, the Club Investors got an 82% ROI.