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24.25 Units out, with a return of 8.44 Units, to record a weekly loss of 15.81 Units.  This may well be a record weekly loss.  The graph looks like the Swiss Alps.  This is so frustrating.

There were two Punters Clubs this week, and although they also lost, they cut their losses significantly and gave an ROI of 96.61%.  For the moment I will reduce the Punters Clubs to Wednesdays and Saturdays, at least until Spring Racing.

The only thing that won was the Risk Free Bet, and with my luck at the moment I was trying to figure out how that could lose :-).

I forgot to put where the $4.26 was available … ooops, that was Pinnacle.  On these Premium Price bets, they have them every week in the Australian Football Season.  They are a max bet of $25 @ $2 on an odds on favourite.  Because of the enhanced prices, you can generally back both sides to win, and win regardless.  Pinnacle is available for Arbers and will generally give you the best sports price around. But if you are not a member of Pinnacle or can not get the price suggested, the formula is pretty easy.  $25 x $2 = $50.  Divide $50 by the top price available on the other team, and that is your bet.  The return of $50 less total of both bets is your profit regardless of the result.  In the Risk Free Bet given:

Port Adelaide $25 @ $2 = $50

GWS $11.75 @ $4.26 = $50.05

Outlay $36.75, Return $50 (or $50.05) = Profit of $13.25.

The only complication to this formula is BetFair and you have to find out what there commission is in your area (they vary by country and by State) and allow for that deduction from your winning bet.

Until next week (and I will borrow one of Steve’s graphs for this week’s picture 🙂 )