This was the first week with the new Ratings.

Overall we invested 32.75 units for a return of 29.08 Units and recording a loss of 3.67 Units.  A lot of this loss can be attributed to the extraordinary number of 2nd places we got.

Analysing these bets shows that there were 16 Thoroughbred bets.  We achieved 4 Winners , 5 seconds and a 3rd, which is a win Strike Rate of 25% and a Place Strike Rate of 68%. Thoroughbred betting lost 6.13 Units.

Harness Racing

There were 7 Harness Bets for the week for 6 winners a Strike Rate of 86%. Harness Racing provided a profit of 3.58 Units, betting the suggested units.

As we move forward into next week, I have slightly modified the Thoroughbred algorithm, which I believe will give us less Thoroughbred bets, but at better prices.   Harness Racing needs to be treated with caution, as my earlier records indicated a probable Strike Rate of around 78%.  The high strike rate lends itself to various forms of exotic bets, but caution must be exercised as I believe the Strike Rate will drop back over the coming weeks.

Punters Clubs, returned around 75% of the money invested.  I stuffed up one of the clubs, by putting an incorrect bet on.  We just about broke even that day, but we should have won a fair bit on the day.  I am hoping that the modified Thoroughbred algorithm will return the Clubs to profit.

I am still monitoring the other Ratings Service.  They provided 9 bets for 1 Winner and four  2nds.  They will come good, but I will just monitor them for the moment.  If in future any selections are given from the old ratings, then I will identify them as such.

With Spring Racing I am looking for some very good Saturdays on The Punt.

The suggested Value Bet won, hope some of you were on it.

Value Bet – Unibet, Semi Radara to score a try.

The Canberra Raiders won in a thriller, but the League’s leading try scorer managed to bag a couple of tries, to take advantage of Unibet’s boosted odds of $2.  Max bet of $20, returned an easy $40 profit.  There were a lot of bets refunded on both codes (NRL and AFL).  I will look at these closer next season to see where we can get some more Risk Free and Value bets.