Saturday was very disappointing, and the bank balance took a savage hit. I was surprised when I did the figures for the week. The model remains robust, in fact the Thoroughbreds produced a profit for the week, despite Saturday. The experiment with Harness Racing has proved to be expensive. The double stakes were proving extremely profitable, while we were getting winners. But when we got 3 losers in a row, all the profit evaporated. I will continue to provide the suggestions on the Harness Races at standard stakes, but will not be betting on them for the moment, and will not include them in the statistics.

I also reviewed the performance of the previous set of Ratings, which I have used for years. It appears that they are adjusting their ratings, and they appear to be more reliable. On Saturday they had 3 selections, for a $10 winner. I went back and reviewed previous years from that database, and found that the Ratings had been the most reliable from October to May. June was problematic, but probably worth including.

The figures for this week were:

Thoroughbreds: there were 15 Selections, with 4 winners (27% S/R). There were 18.25 Units outlaid and 19.85 units returned, for a profit of 1.60 units. 47% of the selections won or placed during the week.

Harness: 14 Selections for 8 winners (57% S/R). 48.25 units outlaid, with 19.85 units returned for a loss of 10.31 Units.

The $1,000 bank has now decreased to $800. Units will now revert back to $10.

Going Forward

1. Our Primary betting strategy will be on Thoroughbreds

2. I will monitor Harness Racing, but will not be betting on it.

3. At the start of October 2015, I will reintroduce the old Ratings, with a separate $1,000 bank, in order to monitor their performance over the Spring and Summer.

4. I will keep looking for Sporting Bet opportunities. They are currently providing the main source of income.

One of the essential habits of successful gamblers, is Money Management.  I checked out an old video from the Sports Geek this week.  It is the same basic premise that I have been saying, but he puts it very clearly.  If you intend to be in this game for the long run, you should check it out and make sure that you are following this advice.