I will start with the Punters Club this month. This Club has been running for 19 weeks now, and at the start we made good profits. For most of the time though it has been under performing. The last two weeks have been profitable and the fortnight before that it was just under break even. I have been offered some selections (for a price) from a punter who is no longer able to bet with the Corporates. I have used these during September, with good results. I can not make them public, however, I can bet on them through the Punters Club. Starting today (5 October 2015) the Punters Club will be betting these selections. To take advantage of these selections, invest in the Punters Clubs. Minimum investment currently is $10. Links are on our website or send me an email or FB message and I will send you the link. If you do not want to invest at the moment, no problems, but you can watch the performance of the Clubs to see how they are going.

Harness Racing

During September I dabbled in Harness Racing. The results looked promising, but with low returns, it only took one bad run (random variance) to lose 10 units. At that time I pulled the plug on betting on harness racing. I will still provide the selections, however, I won’t personally be betting on them. Time is the one luxury I don’t have. There is an enormous amount of time completing Excel Spreadsheets, for all my betting activities. If I was to continue betting on the Harness Racing it would be a distraction from my main betting activities.

During September 2015 we bet on 31 Harness Races. There were 21 winners (68% S/R) and 28 Placegetters (90% S/R). In fact only 3 of the selections were unplaced, and one of those was on a night when the races should have been called off. The rain was that heavy that you couldn’t see the horses on the track. But despite the great Strike Rates, the low dividends meant that we outlaid 79.75 Units for a return of 72.61 Units, for a loss of 7.14 Units. This represents a 9% Loss on Turnover.

Thoroughbred Racing

One day I would like to talk to the Racing Gods, and ask why they are giving me so many 2nds at the moment. Is there any chance they could change a couple of those into winners

.During September 2015 we bet on 80 horses, for 26 Wins (33% S/R) and 52 Places (65% S/R). There were 18 horse placed 2nd. Which means that 44 (or 55%) of the selections ran 2nd or 1st.

We invested 96.50 Units and returned 102 Units for a Profit of 5.50 units (ROI 106%)

Sports Bets

Josh at Daily Profit is really the expert on Value and Risk free bets. I have no association with them, and do not benefit if you join them. I have noticed that a number of members have joined them, and I hope you are enjoying Josh’s tips and advice. It is a personal preference, but it is recommended that any bonus bets achieved, through Value Selections, be converted into cash. Re-betting them is gambling, and not trading. Generally you can convert at around the 75% conversion rate. If you are unsure about how all this works, please email me, as some members have (or Message me through FaceBook). Risk Free bets are getting harder and harder to get, although if you are at a computer during Racing Carnivals, some of the enhanced odds give some good opportunities to trade. As Bookies tend to use a more centralised odds services, arbs are getting harder, but Value bets, when you can buy a $100 bonus bet for $5 are around. You then convert the $100 bonus bet into $70 – $75 cash. The end result is that you spent $5 to buy $75.

Where I can find Risk Free opportunities, I will continue to advise them, for those who are not with Daily Profit.

Punters Club closes at 11:30 am AEST Mon-Sat. Join either on our website or at GTO.


Please gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.