What a fabulous week, with Michelle Payne winning the Melbourne Cup.  I had backed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, and had taken all the exotics.  She cost me a heap of money, but I have never cheered so hard for losing bets.  Just such a feel good story.

November started well for us, with a profit on our first betting day. Saturday the 7th, though wiped all of out plus more. What I found really annoying about Saturday, was that I had a terrific day, through my other betting, but the Selections failed to perform.  I missed the Sydney & Melbourne Quadrellas when two shorties failed to win, CHAUTAUQUA in Melbourne and FESTIVITY in Sydney.  Melbourne was especially galling as I had the winner Delectation on my radar, but reduced my outlay (read increased my risk) by not including Delectation.  I will be taking a different approach to Saturday’s Selections from now on.

For the start of November we had 11 Selections and 3 that paid a dividend (we backed Denpurr mainly for a place) .  That gave a 27% S/R.  There were 18.45 Units outlaid for a return of 16.04 Units, to record a loss of 2.41 Units.

I still haven’t resolved the problems with the Punters Club, but have decided to operate the Clubs only on the better meetings, Midweek and Saturdays.