A very quiet week, with the lead up to Christmas and the extreme heat across SE Australia. The two bets on the 17th of December at Echuca and Wyong, I will record as a mistake. I was tossing up, whether to back them or not. In the end I decided to back them. Bugger! But at least it has been a fair while since I made a mistake. Beau Garcon and Delicacy, although not great prices, won comfortably for us. There were 4 bets in the week for 2 winners. There were 7.75 Units outlaid for a return of 6.90 Units, representing a loss of 0.85 Units.

There will be no more Racing Selections until Boxing Day. After that we will be back on New Years Day.

2015 has been a trying and testing year. Sports Betting and playing Bookies Promotions, have been providing my profits for 2015. But as always, you learn more from your losses than you do from your wins. I haven’t stopped working hard during the year and have learnt (or re-learnt) a lot of lessons regarding punting. I must admit that I am really looking forward to 2016, in a punting sense. I am excited by the prospects of a good year.

With Sports Betting and Bookies Promotions, I will continue to feed you what I can, but I strongly urge you to join Josh’s Value and Risk Free bets service. If nothing else it will teach you the joy of professional punting (hours and hours of filling out spreadsheets LOL!)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hopefully we can finish the year with some good bets on Boxing Day.