The NRL started in March, plus there were T20 matches and some AFL bets.  I showed subscribers how to make money on sports bets and how to convert Bonus Bets and Credits into cash.  If you took some of the earlier bets suggested, you will be picking up Bonus Bets between now and October for free and can convert them into cash, for some risk free profit.  If you don’t feel comfortable with formulating your own sports bets as shown, then there is always the recommended service (not mine) for the Sports Bets.

During March we had 33 Thoroughbred Bets for 12 winners, a Strike Rate of 36%.  There were 16 Place getters (48% S/R).  We outlaid 121.30 Units and returned 127.4 Units, a profit of 6.1 Units or 5% POT (105% ROI).  The sports bets returned a profit of 18.58 Units, giving us a total profit for the month of 24.68 Units or 15% POT (115% ROI).  From those figures alone, I think you can see why I am so keen on the Sports Betting side of the Punt.

But you can easily be banned or limited on the Sports Betting side of the equation, so the Thoroughbred will always remain an integral part of the portfolio.  We had some interruption to the service around Easter, because of family matters (not mine).  We are back on track now.  Some of the earlier issues that gave me so much trouble during 2015 have now been removed and I am confident that the Thoroughbred side of the business is now streamlined and with a bit of luck and a fair wind, should continue to return profits to the Portfolio.  The highlight of the month I think was Toothless’ win at Ballarat on 15 March at $8.00.