I started this journey in November 2014. The betting strategies that have been used have mostly been around thoroughbreds, and the results have been disappointing.  There have been some wonderful highs over the past 2 years, but then some very long losing runs.  I must admit that I am struggling with betting on thoroughbreds.  October 2016 was a continuation of the poor performances. At the start of November I was determined to refine my betting. During November 2016 I bet a total of $14,391.28 and achieved a loss of 1.26% Profit On Turnover (POT). A breakdown of my betting activities is below:


I have followed Elite’s ratings for a number of years now.  In November 2016, I had 20 bets from this portfolio for 5 winners, a Strike Rate (S/R) of 25%. The Elite Portfolio lost 45.90% on Turnover.  The Elite selections continue to worry me, and I am seriously considering withdrawing from this service.  The first step will be to seriously limit my exposure to the Elite bets.

This month I joined Champion Bets, for Trev’s Bets in Melbourne.  After a rocky start, the bets came good. There were 54 bets (generally 2 or 3 in a race) for 11 winners (S/R 20.4%) . The bets though only covered 24 Races, so the S/R was actually 46% per race.  The POT was 26.7%.  It should be noted that I took advantage of Money Back offers for placings, and one of the bets was refunded, hence lifting the POT, above what would have been achieved with straight out betting.

David Evans (Pro Bet) has achieved profits for the last 10 years, but the 2015 results were not as good as previous years.  The 2016 results were also tracking poorly.  I withdrew from this service during November 2016. For the time that I bet with them in November there were 9 Bets for 1 winner (S/R 11.1%) and a loss of 48% POT.  David has advised that he is revisiting his model to adjust it for 2017, and of course, advice since I withdrew is to the effect that he is hitting winners again and is in profit.

Daily Profit offered a free trial of StatsBet.  To be honest I had misgivings about the selections, and the staking method.  But as Daily Profit are honest and reliable, I tried out some of the selections, using various methods. Backing them as suggested, backing to win exotics and backing to make a profit if any of the 3 selections won. There were 47 Bets with 12 Winners (S/R 25.5%). As there are generally three selections per race, the actual S/R would have been around 68%.  But as you can be betting 3 units per race, with a favourite at $2.60, you can be guaranteeing a loss if the favourite wins. Betting 3 Units per race, with small returns for wins, appears to mean that it will take a long time to recover from a losing run. I lost 22.7% on Turnover from StatsBet.  I seriously doubt if I will continue to follow StatsBet.

There were 30 bets that were my own selections for 13 Winners (S/R 43.3%) and resulting in a loss on turnover of 4.7%.

Thoroughbred racing was to be the mainstay of my betting activities.  Most of the strategies I have used previously are now failing.  The only positive was Trev’s Bets from Champion Bets, and that only has a limited number of results at the moment. I will continue to follow Elite, but only for the selections that are suggested at 2.00% or 2.5% bets.  David Evans is still providing the West Australia selections, and I may concentrate on those.

Research into other selection services has shown that it is doubtful if there is much out there at the moment that is worth the subscription fee.  I will continue to monitor the services, but it appears that Thoroughbred betting is problematic, at best.

Tennis Betting

Looking to expand my betting activities, I subscribed to Champion Bets Tennis bets.  36 Bets for 15 winners (S/R 41.7%) for a loss of 16.8%.  The Tennis Trader did send a message out on 28 November that this was the models worst run (of course) and that he would be making adjustments to the bot.  I am disappointed at the results, but will stick with this model for awhile, to see if the results improve.

The VIP service has been operating on NFL and NBA.  During the part of November that I was betting on the VIP selections there were 114 bets for 47 Winners (S/R 41.2%), resulting in a loss of 15.6% on Turnover.  As I was bleeding money from so many sources, I suspended Trading on the VIP selections, awaiting their posting the full November results. It may be that I bailed too early, and they made a profit for the rest of November. I will wait for their results.  The VIP service was brilliant for Australian Sports, and they will start again in February, so this one will remain in the portfolio.

  And of course the star of the show, Daily Profit’s Risk free betting.

140 Bets, 69 Winners (S/R 49.3%) with a Profit of 5.5% (POT).  There are still some Bonus Bets to convert, which will increase this POT substantially.  In the last year this service returned me around $10,000 profit.  Things are getting harder as Bookies tighten up on their Bonus Offers, but this service continues to deliver good profits.