cf9e6-dplogoThanks to the Risk Free service at Daily Profit, I hit $180 bonus cash from Bet 365 for the Brisbane Heat win and a $50 Bonus Bet from Blue Bet. The Bonus Bet converted at around 70% will return an extra $35.  Net result will be around $193 profit on the bets (accounting for the $22 initial loss on the bets).  Click on the Daily Profit logo to be taken to their site.  I am not on commission. Just passing the info on so that Punters can make some profit.  The VIP service in past years has done well on the AFL (not last season) and last season killed the NRL.  I am struggling with the VIP service on American Sports, but that may be my fault as I am only partially following their bets.  They have their full analysis on their site, and I have been too lazy to interrogate that analysis fully.  Maybe that is something I will do over the Christmas break.

Thoroughbreds again proved disappointing yesterday.  Every time I think I have a handle on horse racing, it vanishes again.  Very frustrating, but I think that I may have found a strategy for 2017.  I will let Trev’s Bets (Champion Bets) run until the end of December, but unless they show a dramatic turnaround, I think that will be the end of them.

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