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slap_on_the_wristI ended up betting into a race at Port Lincoln, using the Giddyup ratings.  I had already decided that I was only going to use these for NSW country meetings, as a trial.  The race was run at a ridiculous pace, the favourite broke down and I lost $116.  Definitely more discipline required for 2017.

I had a go at hitting the Palmerbet promotion, but although the scores were low, they were not low enough to hit the promo.  It cost me $2.20 for a chance at $50, and I am ok with that.

Daily Profit provided the bulk of my betting action yesterday and returned a 9% POT. I bet $1707 and showed a profit of $154.

The Big Bash match was a low scoring affair and no bonuses were hit and it recorded a loss of $7.65.

The only betting action that will be happening today, will be any bets from Daily Profit Risk Free service.

Daily Profit update their results sheet every Tuesday. I have just reviewed the NBA and NFL results for December 2016.  NFL had a horror month, so far, losing around 24% POT.  NBA was about even (about 1% in profit). Drilling down further into the NBA, they were losing around 25% on Head To Head bets, but making around 20% Profit on Total bets.  For the remainder of these seasons I will focus on NBA Total bets only.

Elite Racing sent out an email yesterday, saying that they would be dropping all of their “back fitted” plans and will from now on concentrate solely on their ratings.  Unfortunately they again have a “back fitted” system where they have certain criteria for ruling horses in or out.  They were not going to chase prices or bet to value. In my opinion this approach is the same as most punters (including me).  It is a lazy approach looking for a magic formula, to select winners and then sit back and count the money.  Their ratings are first class, don’t get me wrong there. But in my opinion they are applying them in the wrong manner. Time will tell. I wish them the best, but I won’t be aboard.

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