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30-pounds-cash-back-on-shopping-300x300A profit of $139.42 for the 28th.

Risk Free returned $144.27 (8.4% POT), mostly on the conversion of previously earned Free/Bonus Bets to cash.

I had a bet on the Big Bash, but missed the Palmerbet Promo and lost $5.27.

Despite promising not too … I had a little $10 play with the Giddyup Ratings, using Reward Bet to try to maximise any return.  The play returned $10.42.

Another quiet day. I still have a $49 Bonus Bet with Sportsbet to convert. I reviewed the Daily Profit Results for the American Sports for Dec 2016, to date.  Everything was a loser, for the month to date, except NBA Totals.  I had a play on the recommended NBA Total Play today.


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