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A loss of $170. Most of that was from NBA Sportsbet Total Selections from Daily Profit ($162.50). It is only one days result, from part of their total selections, but if I am not prepared to cop the loss, then there is no point following the selections.  I either follow them or I don’t follow them and I ensure that I have the bank to back up that decision.  For the current NBA/NFL seasons I won’t be betting on the Sportspunter selections.  I will wait for Daily Profit’s analysis and where they see the future for these American Sports Models.

On a brighter note the Value/Risk Free service continues to provide a profit.  There was a loss of $6.10 on the BBL, but provided a Bonus Bet of $37. Conversion to cash @ 70% will show a profit for the day of $19.80.

With my bets, I played around with the offers on Sydney FC vs Brisbane Roar in the A League.  Crownbet offered a Bonus Bet if your team scored and lost (Max $50). MadBookie offered a Bonus Bet if your team didn’t score and lost (Max $50); and
I could back Sydney FC for a $105 profit on Betfair if they won. End result Sydney FC 2-0 and I lost $1.44 and gained a $50 Bonus Bet, which will convert to $35 cash, giving me a $33.56 profit on My Bets for the day.


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