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December 2016 ended up with a loss of $519, comprised of:

  • Champion Bets ~ Tennis -$110 (-34%)
  • Elite ~ Racing -$7.50 (-7.5%)
  • Daily Profit ~ Risk Free/Value +$549.20 (+3.5%)
  • Champion Bets ~ Trev’s Bets -$450 (-41%) – it would have been worse but I stopped betting on them
  • Daily Profit ~ SportsPunter -$545 (-60%) – this is not a true reflection of their service, rather it reflects the piecemeal way that I bet on their selections.
  • My Bets -$124 (-1.7%) – reflecting a lack of patience at times.
  • Daily Profit ~ StatsBet -$34 (-17%) ~ a test of recommended horse racing system. The system was dropped after the month’s test. StatsBet is available on other tipping sites, and has reported profits on those sites.
  • David Evans ~ ProBet ~  -$18 (-8%) – when you look at the small loss, I have to wonder why I didn’t stay with it until the end of the year.  Of course it turned around and made a profit, with the remaining December bets, which I wasn’t on.
  • Wolf’s Selections -$56 (-21%) ~ from a limited amount of data, it seemed that he had a good strike rate with his Greyhound bets. I did a small test using Compound Magic, but was never able to get any more than 2 winners in a row. This was only a 3 week test, but I am not willing to spend any more time and effort on it.
  • TabTouch ~Giddyup ~ -$72 (-31.5%) – this was a test on the fee set of ratings provided at TabTouch. It looks like it may work, but I had back fitted a system to make use of the ratings (and then didn’t follow it 🙂 ), hence the loss. This showed some promise, but I am not sure that the results justify the time and effort.

Some of my results in 2016, were a result of a lack of patience, lack of fixed banks, and a lack of betting strategies. My betting strategies for 2017 have now been determined and each has a $2,000 bank.

2017 Strategies:

  1. Risk Free/Value Bets at Daily Profit. Use a Back/Lay strategy for small losses. Will be funded from the general bank.
  2. SportsPunter at Daily Profit, on Australian Sports with a $2,000 Bank
  3. Champion Bets ~ Tennis with a $2,000 bank.
  4. Thoroughbred Betting.  This was to be the main betting platform when I started this journey in 2009.  It has proved the hardest and most frustrating of all the betting strategies.
    1. David Evans (ProBet) … I have re-joined this service for 2017 with a $2,000 Bank.
    2. My Bets – a back/lay strategy for racing refund offers.  This needs to be done close to the start of the race, probably in the last 10 minutes.  Ensure that the predicted loss is only small to maintain the value in the strategy. As this is a Back/Lay strategy for small losses, it will be covered by the general banking funds.
    3. Red Belly Sports will be the main betting arm for Thoroughbred Racing, using the Ratings service.  Ed Kennett chjulyaugust-2ooses races to bet on, and advises a betting strategy based on value. It may prove to be labour intensive and expensive. Bearing in mind that bad runs, such as July 2016, need to be accommodated. A Bank of $2,000 has been set aside for this.