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Headline News is a profit of $365 (10.22% POT).

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets hit the Bet 365 Promotion on the Big Bash to give me bonus cash of $199.75, less their loss of $6.75 as the cost of the bets, provided a profit of $193 (30% POT).

This was my first day with  Red Belly Sports.  It was a full day in the office.  I need to check my results with the official results, as i think I may have missed some prices, and got a lower result.  But it is all a learning experience, and I don’t think that I did too bad, for a first day. Showed a profit of $117 (48% POT).

David Evans at ProBet returned a profit of $27 (47% POT). Interesting that David & Ed showed a similar POT figure, but David’s selections were just two bets, which cost me hardly any time at all.  Early in the year, but will be interesting to monitor as the year proceeds.

I chased some Bookies promotions in Money Back offers for finishing 2nd or 3rd. I made a profit of $152 (6% POT). Considering the low POT you wonder if it worth the time. However it was only a matter of checking the prices, back and lay, just before the jump. If they are close, then it is a bet, for a small loss with a chance of Money Back on the win bet and winning on the Lay Bet.

Champion Bets ~ Tennis was the disappointment of the day, recording a loss of $123 (-62% POT). The Australian Open starts soon, so we will see how it goes there.  William Hill have their popular Chase The Ace promotion back, but in much reduced form.  The offer this year is only about 1/3rd the value of last year’s offer.  But considering how much was made from last year’s promotion, I guess that is not surprising.

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