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Headline figure for 8 Jan 2017 was a loss of $102 (POT -5.62%).

andy-roddick-best-tennis-racket-smashThe major contributor to the loss was Champion Bets ~ Tennis with a loss of $100 (POT -100%). The worst problem I have with these bets, is that I have little faith in them, due to some negative comments I have heard concerning Champion Bets.  I personally have always been happy with them, but negative commentary starts to shake your faith.  But I am set on this course, until at least after the Australian Open.

On a happier note:

  • David Evans ~ Pro Punt recorded a profit of $66.20 (144% POT). To be fair to David, the return should have been slightly higher, but I bet half the wager with the 3 TABS through the Odds Broker, and received a slightly lower dividend from 2 of them.  I am receiving percentage refunds for my total bets from each of them, ranging from 1% to 3% on turnover.  At the moment that is going to be negligible.  But I am already seeing signs of resistance from Bookies to my bets.  The Betting.Club reduced my price from $2.10 to $2.05 on a sports bet.  The price stayed on offer at $2.10 to the rest of the public. If I am banned or limited in the future, I would like another avenue available to me for my betting.
  • My bets lost  $26 (POT -3.6%), chasing the Luxbet NFL promo.  I hit the promo and should get a Bonus Bet of $50. Luxbet seem a bit slow in paying out Bonus Bets. When I convert that to cash, that will show a profit for the day of around $9. I also misread the Bonus Offer, and had an extra $200 bet on the NFL, which I layed for a small loss, which also contributed to the original $26 loss.  One thing I was taught early on in this journey is to fully read all the Terms and Conditions, and make sure that you understand them. I read them, but must have skimmed them and hence misunderstood the T&C’s.  Can be a dangerous mistake.
  • Daily Profit ~ Value Bets lost $42 (POT -4.5%), mainly through the outsiders winning the BBL.  They also scored a Bonus Bet in the NFL of $55, which Sportsbet paid immediately. When this is converted to cash ($38.50), this will reduce their loss to around $3.50, which is acceptable 🙂

After the Bonus Bets are converted the day’s loss will be around $28, which is not disastrous.

I checked the prices that Ed (Red Belly Sports) received for his winners against mine.  For $100 units I would have won just over $2,000 for the day and Ed would have won just under $4,000 for the day.  A huge difference, with Ed winning twice as much as me on the same bets. The main difference was Burning Front in Caulfield Race 8, where Ed got $7.20 and I took the Betfair SP and got $6.01. The Top Tote and Top Fluc was $6.50, which would have increased my return to around $2,650, but that is still well below Ed’s figure of $3,974.  Ed actively snipes the prices on Betfair, and advises prices with screen shots. But when I received the screen shot of the BetFair price of $7.20, it had already disappeared and $6.80 was available. I put a bid in at $7.20, and to take SP if it wasn’t matched. It wasn’t matched. If i had taken the $6.80 then my return would have been around the $3,000 mark. In other words, I was still $1,000 behind Ed’s return, but I would have added an extra $1,000 to my return.  I need to learn to get better prices. More homework 🙂

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