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bar-mitzvah2Most of the day yesterday was taken up with my youngest daughter’s friend and his Bar Mitzvah, which seemed to go most of the day. Hence no report yesterday. I did get most of my bets on during the day.  Most of it seemed alien to me, but it seemed that the group (congregation?) enjoyed good fellowship.  But onto matter more worldly. Profit for the 2 days was $300, most of which was made on Saturday.

Champion Bets ~ Tennis won $21 (21% POT).

David Evans ~ Pro Bet won $18 (17% POT).

Red Belly Sports – won $79 (22% POT), Ed reported a 28% profit, but having checked the prices, I think the difference is only at the margins.  Ed achieved a greater price on 2 winners than me, and I achieved a greater price than Ed on the 3rd winner.  For the second day with the service, I am reasonably happy with how I performed.  Still areas of improvement, but I am learning.

My Bets won $186 (9% POT), these were converting Bonus Bets to cash.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets lost $5 (-0.3% POT), but collected more bonus bets, which will convert into cash and show a profit for the day.

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