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horseracing_45-866x600Busy day, with a meeting at Warwick Farm and betting with Red Belly Sports and Ed Kennett’s live betting page. I felt like I had a real job again.  I made $167 Profit for the day (+11% POT), none of which was from horse racing.

Red Belly Sports – lost $115 (-100% POT). The funny thing is that I am OK with that. A recent article by a professional Betfair Trader, commented that “The brain is intolerant to accepting a loss. …. there is a tendency to take a silly risk, in the hope of distorting the outcomes”  This can then lead to big losses.  Knowing that there were days when I would win and days where I would lose, I have a bank and intend to follow Ed religiously.

My bets made a profit of $70 (+118% POT), unfortunately, despite my good intentions, I bet on the horses that were overs in Race 7. A bet that Ed didn’t take.  I won that race, but it was a win for the wrong reasons. Discipline and patience will be the key.

David Evans ~ Pro Bet lost $49 (-40% POT).  He got a winning bet at Ascot with a running double on 2 William Pike rides, but lost all the other racing bets. Again there will be winning and losing days with horse racing.

I maintain horse racing in my betting portfolio, so that the Corporates can record bets in my account, other than promotional events, and hopefully not ban me from their promotions.

Champion Bets ~ Tennis won $18.56 (+29% POT) plus picked up some Tennis Bonus Bets.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets won $284 (+24% POT), due largely to hitting the Bet 365 promotion on the Big Bash League. Plus $74 in Bonus Bets was obtained from William Hill’s Chase the Ace promotion.

For the moment we are on track. If I can double the banks, then I will be able to bet some serious money and hopefully make enough returns to provide a second income. We will see if that is to happen as time goes by.

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