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img_1571As Alice once said “It has been a most curious day”. I spent the majority of the day betting on Throughbred, both with Red Belly and my own bets, only to be spectacularly unsuccessful. I went to bed feeling as if it had been a bad losing day. I wasn’t upset by it, because you must treat winning with the same emotions as losing, ie None!

So I was surprised when I completed my book work to find that I was in Profit by $455 (+8% POT).

Champion Bets won $15 (+12% POT)

David Evans – Pro Bet won $98 (+78% POT)

Ed Kennett – Red Belly lost $154 (-100% POT). A late bet(?) came through from Ed on Randwick Race 4 #10 Super Star Bob is $14 on Betfair … may be worth a saver. The word MAY made me hesitate. Was it a comment or a bet. The $14 had gone from my screen, but it was stil available at $10 or $12. It was too close to race time to be hesitant, and I missed the bet. Of course, Super Star Bob won. If I had not hesitated, then I would have reduced the losses by around half.

My Bets – lost $45 (-3% POT) as I chased bonuses from the corporates for running 2nd or 3rd in selected races. I collected 1 bonus of $50, which will convert to $35 cash, so although I felt that I had failed with my bets, I guess the end result will not be too bad.

Daily Profit – Value Bets made a profit of $540 (+14% POT), mainly through cashing in previous bonuses earned. Plus they also earned another $92 in bonus bets.

All in all, a most curious but profitable day. Hopefully my new betting model, can withstand the ups and downs of gambling, better than my previous models.

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