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cf9e6-dplogoMonday was all about Daily Profit ~ Value Bets. There were 30 bets for 16 winners (S/R 53%) for a loss of $125 (-10% POT).

This would be a bad day using any other betting method, however, here is the strength of the Value Bets.

Cash Returned from NFL bonuses +$19.40

Bonus Bets earned from NFL $95.30 (converts to $66.70 cash)

Bonus Bets from Chase The Ace $31 (converts to $21.70 cash)

After converting the Bonus Bets, approx $108 will be recovered, reducing the loss to $17. $50 the loss relates a bet in September 2016 on the SuperBowl winner. The selection was New England Patriots, and I changed to another team. The New England Patriots, of course, are now playing the Superbowl and are favourites. So, in the end Daily Profit will make a profit of $33 for the day and I will lose $50 for the day. And if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, then, Daily Profit will make another $450 profit.

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