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australia-dayHappy Australia Day! A profit of $285 (+15% POT), although I spent most of Australia Day in front of a computer punting on horse racing.  So that is a lifestyle decision that has to be made, if you want to follow Ed Kennett & Red Belly Sports. After a slow start to the day Ed made me a profit of $120 or 6 Units from my $2,000 bank  (+31.5% POT).  Most of my bets were taken at Betfair Starting Price (BSP), which, for me, has a commission of 6%. Without the commission my POT would have been 37.5% POT. Ed achieved a 43% POT.  I got one bet wrong and that probably accounted for the difference in our percentages. To justify the amount of time required for this service (and the cost), I think that the bank needs to be increased.  If the bank had been $10,000, then the profit for the day would have $600 (i.e. 5 times more).  The problem is that I have lost $106 (-7% POT) in January, and an increased bank would have increased that loss by 5 times.  Ed sent an email to his mailing list headed “Ratings Members Win their 3rd Saturday from 4 in January and 46% on Turnover”. I am pretty sure that is correct and absolutely truthful, but it doesn’t mention that that one losing day was a bad one, and I haven’t recovered from that.  But it is just the long term that matters, so we keep punching on. But I may have to seriously consider increasing the bank to justify the hours and the cost.

Champion Bets ~ Tennis lost $24 (-100% POT) by backing Stan Wawrinka.  As he lost in 5 sets, I would say that it was still a good bet.

David Evans ~ Pro Bet won $13 (8% POT), again a first and a second. And again I didn’t put the second place bet on with a TabTouch who were offering  Money Back. I placed the winning bet with them 🙂

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets won $146 (13% POT), and collected $6.50 in Bonus Bets from William Hill’s Chase The Ace promo.  Most of the money was made by converting Bonus Bets into cash.  Steve from Daily Profit is testing a new system, and I was able to use the Beta version, that highlighted that Hull at $7 had been overvalued by Australian Books. So I back and laid Hull, and made a 78% conversion. The only downside, was that the program was correct and Hull actually won. Therefore the $600 went into my William Hill Account, which now requires me turn it over x number of times.  If the conversion goes into Betfair, then it is immediate cash.

Plus there was a $20 Cash Loyalty Bonus from Bet 365 and a $10 Cash Conversion at TAB, which entered me into a promo at the TAB.

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