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abba-moneySaturday was a busy day. I doubled the bank on Ed Kennett – Red Belly, in view of the cost and time spent on the service. I bet $2,365 on Saturday and made a profit of $745 (+31.50% POT). I know there will be losing days coming, but it is nice to have a big day.

David Evans – Pro Bet had two bets and lost them both, for a loss of $159 (-97% POT). There was a $50 Bonus Bet and a $5 refund, so the day’s result will be improved by around $35 when the Bonus Bet is converted to cash.

Ed Kennett – Red Belly Sports, after a slow start to January 2017, finished with a bang! A profit of +$668 (+104% POT).

My bets lost $38.58 (-9% POT) chasing bonuses. I got a $50 Bonus Bet, which will convert to around $35 cash, and result in a minor loss for the day.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets showed a profit of $75 (+6.6% POT), and received a $200 Cash Bonus from the Big Bash promotion, and a $25 Bonus Bet.

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