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man-in-suit-counting-australian-money-resize-mediumA profit of $2,600 (+5.83% POT). When I started this journey in 2009, the goal was to produce a second income of $1,000 per week.  January’s profit is about half of my goal, so I am happy that I may finally, after 6 years, be heading in the right direction. It has been 6 years of learning.

During January my bets totaled $44,567, from which I returned $1,866 profit and $734 in Cash bonuses. The cash bonuses came from the Bet 365 Big Bash Promotions, which have now ended. There were 752 bets, of which 333 (45%) were winning bets, 412 (55%) were losing bets and 7 bets were refunded.

Champion Bets ~ Tennis resulted in $2,200 wagered for a $16 loss (-0.7%). There were 37 bets for 20 winners (54% SR). The cost of the subscription is $129 for 3 months, and I can not see the value in continuing this subscription, and will now end it.

David Evans ~ Pro Bet wagered $1,445 on 77 Bets, of which 27 won (35% SR), for a loss of $349.31 (-24% POT). This is a service where I have jumped ship a few times previously. For 2017, I paid the annual subscription of $545, so I am committed for the full year, or until my $2,000 bank is exhausted, whichever comes first. Not a great start to the year. We will see how the year progresses. There was 17.5% used in the first month, leaving 82.5% of the bank for the next 11 months.

Red Belly Sports ~ Ed Kennett had 140 bets for 22 winners (16% SR). There was $2,112 bet for a profit of $561.25 (26% POT). All of this was won on the last Saturday of the month, plus about $100 extra to cover previous losses.  Some of my recorded losses resulted from my inability to achieve the same prices as Ed. This service will be my main betting arm for Thoroughbred Racing in 2017.

There were 108 of my own bets for 63 winners (58% SR). The bets cost me a total of $11,561 and achieved a profit of $507 (4% POT). My bets consisted of backing and laying for bonuses.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets bet $27,248 and won $1,163 (4% POT) from 384 bets, of which 201 (52% SR) were winners.

And so we move onto February, without Champion Bets. The journey continues!

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