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profit-bar-graph-with-upward-arrow-960x645I started 2017, writing a Daily Blog.  I need to be looking at my results on a monthly basis, rather than a Daily basis. I will do a weekly’ish blog for February, but from March onwards it will be a Monthly Blog.  The low light of this week was the Green/Mundine fight. Hopeless fight, no real result and proved nothing. Glad I didn’t pay to watch it.

I have started trialing Daily Trades, which will be released officially by Daily Profit shortly, I believe.  The results and my understanding started off slowly and not very convincingly.  Since re-adjusting the settings, the results are astonishing. I just hope they keep going.  In 2009 I wanted to be making $1,000 per week.  I doubt that I could have done in then, as all the tools that I needed were not available.  But it seems that they are now becoming available for the average punter.

From the 1st of February to the 5th of February,  I have made $1,387 profit (+20.56% POT), plus I have a couple of Bonus Bets, still to convert. For the first time I can see the $1,000 per week target as a reality, without requiring a bank of $100,000.

Daily Trade made $634 Profit (+46% POT).  This figure should have been increased by $95.50, as I put a winning Trade on incorrectly. I have accounted for the $50 loss in My Bets.

David Evans ~ Pro Bet returned a profit of $102  (+21% POT) from 22 Bets for 13 winners (S/R 59%).

Red Belly Sports returned a profit of $398  (+43% POT). As Ed backs a number of horses per race, the Strike Rate is not relevant.  The Profit On Turnover is the figure Ed is looking for.

My Bets returned a profit of $52  (+3% POT), even after accounting for the $50 error.  My Bets are generally about me learning to trade the races.  I am not wonderful at it, but I may be getting better 🙂

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets returned a profit of $191  (+9% POT).

Daily Trades returned a profit of $634  (+46% POT), by trading on sports results. There were 46 Bets for 23 winners (50% S/R).  But the structuring of the bets, is the key.  The size of the bets is adjusted according to the perceived probability of the outcome. The larger the probability, the larger the bet.  So although we only won half the bets, they were the bigger bets and the smaller bets were the losing bets.

See you in a week 🙂

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