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super-bowl-51The week, of course, started with Superbowl 51 and the remarkable win by the New England Patriots, driven by Tom Brady.  My profit for the week was $1,028 (+13% POT).

Unfortunately that win justified some bad bets. I had over committed on the Super Bowl Bets, through Daily Trades. The mistaken confidence generated by that win, caused a slight loss of discipline. I over committed on some subsequent Daily Trades, which lost, and of course, shook my belief in my own abilities.  I recognised the loss of discipline and quickly re-established my discipline.  However, the loss of faith in the Daily Trades lingers, and that is my problem.  I need to trade without emotion. It is a process, relax and follow the process.

This week David Evans ~ Pro Bets won 50% of his bets and returned a profit of $142  (+10.5% POT). Some of this profit was generated through Bonus Bets gained, from the 2nd placings of some of his selections.

Red Belly Sports didn’t operate on Saturday, as Ed was moving to the Gold Coast. But Ed made a profit on Wednesday of $60  (+19% POT).

My Bets, chasing bonuses made a profit of $69  (+4% POT).

Value Bets – Daily Profit made a profit of $637  (+23% POT)

Daily Trades – Daily Profit made a profit of $103  (+23% POT)

Second week in a row, I have made a profit of $1,000 +.  Starting to believe.

Anyhow! See you next week 🙂

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