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roller-coasterThis week has been a real Roller Coaster, mainly because I lost discipline and focus. At one stage I was staring down a $300-$400 loss. Most of that loss was caused by betting with the assistance of a few Jim Beams.  Bourbon is nice, but not when you are betting.  I made at least two serious mistakes, while I was in Jim’s company, which cost me well over $200.  The week was saved on Saturday.  I had hoped that the Horse Racing Tipsters would come to my rescue with a huge weekend. Naturally they didn’t, but I managed to play some bonuses and make a nice profit …. while sober.

Overall this week I made a profit of $839 (+5.63% POT), which is nice but also galling at the same time.  Without Jim’s influence, it would have been the third week in a row of $1,000+ profit.

David Evans ~ Pro Bet lost $96 (-18% POT) on his Thoroughbred selections.

Ed Kennett ~ Red Belly Sports lost $225 (-20% POT) on his Thoroughbred selections.

My bets made a profit of $1,132 (+10% POT) on chasing Bookies bonuses on the races.  I don’t know if it was coincidental, but after the weekend, William Hill appointed a new account manager for me, and he advised that he would be looking deeper into my account.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets made a profit of $20 (+4% POT). Not a lot of action around for them at the moment, but that will pick up dramatically as soon as the footy (AFL & NRL) start.  But they consistently make money.  It is a brilliant service.

Daily Profit ~ Daily Trades made a profit of $1 (+0.1% POT). I have tightened up the criteria on this one, and am trying to stick only with the main stream sports.  Too much chance of getting banned, or limited, if I start betting on all sorts of strange and exotic sports.

And so we dive into another week … hopefully with more discipline and less influence from Jim 🙂

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