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bannedThe week started with a $100 bet on the NBA at Palmerbet, which elicited the following response:
Going forward, please be aware that your account is no longer eligible for promotional bonuses. This includes, but is not exclusive to Bonus Bets, Freebets, Account Top-Ups, refer a friend or any other promotional products such as Moneyback 2nd or 3rd and Even money lines.

If the Corporates could actually work with punters, rather than against them, then they would realise that rather than banning Traders, they should be welcoming them. Traders will bet on the promotions, and if they get a bonus bet, they will purposefully lose that bet with the Corporate, in order, to get paid around 70% of the bonus in cash with Betfair. The Corporates therefore get more cash flow, because we won’t be betting on these events with them, without the bonuses. And they get more profit, because they win our losing bets, eventually.  It is a nuisance, but other bookies offer the same bonuses as PalmerBet, so my bets just go to those other bookies, rather than PalmerBet.

On to more positive things in the world of gambling. Profit this week was +$930.40 (+10% POT).  Plus I have a $50 Bonus Bet from William Hill that will convert to $30 cash.  Didn’t quite make the thousand this week, but I will call it close enough 🙂

David Evans ~ ProBet won +$154 (+18% POT)

Ed Kennett – Red Belly Sports won +$200 (+16% POT), despite having a losing Saturday

My Bets won +$324 (+5% POT), chasing bonuses and backing horse racing specials and laying the same bets for a profit.

Daily Profit ~ SportsPunter, which is the pure gambling side of the site, won +$6 (+8.6% POT), on the AFL Preseason games.  The majority of bets for this product will be the AFL & NRL games.

Daily Profit ~ Value Bets won +$1 (+0.2% POT). There is little action at this time of the year, as we transition from the Summer to Winter sports.

Daily Profit ~ TradeMate won +$225 (+48% POT). This product continues to do well for me. There have been some comments, that people are in the negative using this product.  But with my parameters and sticking only to the major sports (mostly), I continue to make good profits from the program.  So it looks like this will be a permanent part of my betting portfolio.

Two days until the end of this month, and then I will do monthly updates.

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