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Businessman-Walking-to-Top-of-Bar-Graph-with-Upward-Arrow-960x645In February 2017, I made a profit of +$4,057 (+10% POT), which meets my target of $1,000 per week profit.

On David Evans (ProBet) I outlaid $3,257 and made a profit of +$345 (+10.6% POT) , with a 54% Strike Rate.

On Ed Kennett’s selections (Red Belly Sports) I outlaid $3,591 and made a profit of +$433 (+12% POT) . Ed backs to win a race, not to pick winning horses, so Strike Rates are not relevant for Ed’s methods.

I outlaid $22,087 on my bets and made a profit of +$1,544 (+7% POT). My bets generally consist of backing and laying the same bets, to either arb a proposition or win a bonus bet.

Daily Profit:

  • Sportpunter won 2 out of 3 bets in the AFL Preseason and made a profit of $6.  With the AFL & NRL starting these bets will ramp up considerably over Autumn and Winter.
  • Value Bets accounted for $5,920 of bets, for a profit of +$850 (+14% POT).

Trademate invested $4,779 for a profit of +$810 (+17% POT), from 141 bets for the month, with 72 winners (51% S/R).

During February I dabbled with a program called Plunge, where it alerted you to Plunges on horse racing. I made a profit of $22, but won’t be continuing with the program. It is not part of my betting strategy and is too prone to being misled by weak country maidens.

For the Year To Date, I have outlaid $84,435 for a profit of  +$6,657 (+7.8% POT). 

Summer has finished and now we move into Autumn.

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