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In April 2017, there were 812 bets, of which 327 bets won (40%) and 19 were refunded (2.3%), with 468 losing bets (57.6%). The headline result was $2,314 profit.

Thoroughbred racing bets were again disappointing.  Pro Bet won 8 of 26 bets (30.8%) for a loss of -$61.50 (POT -10%).  Red Belly, on my bets, won 16 of 121 bets (13%) for a loss of -$296 (POT -12%). Maiden Mail (the new system started at the end of March) won 13 of 33 bets (39%) for a loss of -$22 (POT -2.6%). Perth Ratings (part of Red Belly) won 4 of 18 bets (22%) for a loss of -$34 (POT -8%). In total, thoroughbred bets lost a total of -$414 during April 2017.

As usual the Daily Profit suite of products again provided the profit.  SportPunter won 59 of 107 bets (55%) for a Profit of $985 (POT 20%). Value Bets won 148 of 223 bets (52%) for a Profit of $1,520 (POT 8%).

My Bets, based on Value Bets philosophy, won 44 of 121 bets (36%) for a Profit of $86 (POT 1%).

I have ended the TradeMate experiment.  Once the NBA & NFL seasons ended, I was struggling to find winning propositions.  The program was only picking up the -1.5 line on MLB at Bet 365.  These trades were not successful for the time that I used them.  I found that the Rugby League Trades were profitable, but with Sportspunter, I was basically just doubling up on the same bets. Over April TradeMate won 30 of 78 bets (39%), resulting in a loss of -$75 (-5% POT).

I have reviewed the Investment Portfolios and made the following decisions, based on performance YTD.

  • ProBet has lost $365 of their initial $1,000 bank.  ProBet units for May 2017 will be $5;
  • Red Belly has lost $316 of their initial $2,500 bank. Their units will remain at $25.
  • Maiden Mail has won $178 and their units will remain at $10.
  • Perth Ratings has lost $34 of their $1,000 bank and their units will remain at $10.
  • Sports Punter has won $3,177 and their units will increase to $50.
  • Both my Bets and Value Bets are not based on Units, but rather bonus values. My Bets have won $1,732 and Value Bets have won $4,327.  There is concern for the future of these bets as the Government is considering banning bonuses being offered by Bookmakers.

There have been 3,160 bets for year to date, totaling $168,547 for a profit of $10,432 (including Cash Bonuses) for a 6% Profit On Turnover.  Without contributions from the Thoroughbred bets, the targets for May 2017 will remain at $500 per week.

From the graph below, you will see that there have been many low points during the year, however, by working through those, the profitability of the models are eventually re-established.  It is important to remove the emotion from the betting and to continue to believe into the model and invest in a calm and rationale manner.

April 2017