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onward_upwardThe months are starting to race by now.  For most of June, I was sitting on an $1,800 – $1,900 profit, but ended up finishing up with a profit of $1,558, which is a 4.53% Profit on Turnover. There were 563 bets during the month, with 243 wins (43%), 310 losses (55%) and 10 Refunds (2%).  Progress continues to be slower than I would like, but I am achieving the targeted Profit On Turnover, so I either need to be patient and let the bank slowly build, or inject more capital.  With the property settlement still in limbo, I am unable to inject additional capital, plus I think that I would feel uncomfortable with that level of betting, at the moment. YTD I am achieving a 5.15% Profit On Turnover, which remains on target.

Racing Portfolio

$5,290 was invested for a loss of $5 (0%).

  • There was $737 invested on Pro Punt’s selections for a loss of $8 (1.1%).
  • Red Belly made a profit of $19 (0.8%) from $2,267 invested.
  • Maiden Mail lost $174 from an investment of $1,095 (16%).
  • Perth Ratings continued their strong performance with  a profit of $158 (13%) from an investment of $1,190.

Maiden Mail, and now The Mail’s, selections come from Cameron Walsh.  Cameron gives out free Hong Kong Tips, plus some West Australian tips, on his Facebook Page Whispering Winners.  Cameron also has a Twitter account called Speedform, which also has links to a Facebook page of the same name.  SpeedForm appears to give out some FREE value bets , plus reports on winners achieved through the Maiden Mail service. His LinkedIn profile, shows that he is from Brisbane and owns a business Runbox.com.  There is little other information on Cameron.  The service started brilliantly with 6 winners from 7 selections, but I continue to find myself querying the value of the service.  The selections come from someone, that I don’t know. The introduction came from Mat Hutchison, who I barely know.  I have paid for the July subscription, but will closely monitor results during July.

Year To Date there has been $28,156 invested in the racing portfolio, for a profit of $347 (1%).

  • Pro Punt has lost $190 (3%) from an investment of $6,229.
  • Red Belly Sports has lost $78 (0.5%)from an investment of $17,178.
  • Maiden Mail has lost $13 (0.5%) from an investment of $2,694.
  • Perth Ratings has profited $628 (30%) from an investment of $2,055.

To be fair to Red Belly I keep changing the bank and have not been investing on the same ratios each month. Red Belly bet for value, often 3 horses per race. Strike Rate per bet is irrelevant for this service.  The other two services provide bet selections. Pro Punt’s Strike rate for the 6 months YTD is 38%. Maiden Mail, who claimed a 60% strike rate, is achieving a 40%  Strike Rate.  The low percentages of both Strike Rates continues to be a concern. Perth Ratings often have 2 horses per betting race, and as such the Strike Rate is not a relevant comparison.

This portfolio had been identified as potentially my major investment portfolio, and it’s performance YTD , apart from Perth Ratings, is extremely disappointing, especially considering the outlay involved.

Sports Betting Portfolio

This portfolio made a profit of $870 (7%) for the month, from $13,273 invested. YTD profits in this portfolio are $8,284 (7%) from an investment of $115,012.

  • Sports Punter, is in Profit YTD by $2,752 (14%) from an investment of $19,928.
  • Value Bets has profited $5,532 (6%) from a $95,084 investment.

Again this portfolio continues to provide the bulk of the profits.

My Bets Portfolio

I continue to seek value, as taught by Daily Profit from the various promotions and offers available. In June I invested $14,971 for a profit of $653 (4.5%). YTD these bets have profited the bank by $2,324 (3.25%) from an investment of $70,167.

I continue to read and learn. As long as I am investing correctly, then I am happy.  I get angry and frustrated at myself, when I make poor decisions, or do not perform at my best. Onward and Upward.